Top 6 Free Best Antivirus For Android

There are so many Antivirus Apps available for Android Devices i have made list of best android antivirus apps. So I am going to write about Top 6 Free Antivirus For Android. Daily so many Android user were Infected with Virus and Malware. We survey how many of the Android user installed Antivirus and we found only 1 Android  user installed Antivirus out of 10 Android user i mean people don’t care about Malware and virus.


There are lots of Antivirus Apps available in Android Market to protect your Android from Virus and Malware. I have selected 6 Best Antivirus For Android from them.

Avg Antivirus

best antivirus for android

Avg Antivirus is Featured on Google Play Store and it is the best free antivirus For Android which i personally used. It protect your Android from malware, virus and text message and it’s also protect your personal data. Avg antivirus for android Features Real time scanner, Backup, Task killer and many more important features which protect your Android. I recommend you this is best antivirus for androids. Click here for Download AVG Android Antivirus.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

best antivirus for android

Best Antivirus lets see features of Lookout Security & Antivirus which is 2nd best android antivirus lookout antivirus allow you to find your lost mobile which is most important feature you can easily find your mobile on Google map. Backup and Restore your contacts automatically call history and you can restore contacts from account. If you buy new android mobile you can also transfer your contacts into new mobile. It scan your every calls, sms, video, songs everything if it find anything malicious lookout will delete it immediately. The current downloads stats of lookout antivirus for android is 437,804 click here  for download Lookout Security.

McAfee Antivirus & Security

mcafee android antivirus

McAfee Mobile Security For Android mobile or Tablet is award winning antivirus app. Almost all features are same like device lock allow you to prevent misuse of your mobile, Find lost mobile, scan your full phone, Backup & Restore, Call blocker and many more interesting features are in McAfee Mobile Security. Download McAfee Antivirus click here

Kaspersky Mobile Security

best antivirus for android

Kaspersky is best  android antivirus and its my favorite antivirus app. It protect your android from malware, spyware,  virus, you can block any mobile number. It scan all apps, media, documents etc automatically. Web protection this feature protect your phone from bad websites, secure your online transactions. Anti theft protection will block mobile if someone change Sim and you can track your mobile via Google map this will help you to get back your lost mobile. It’s available in 11 languages and you can also upgrade it to pro version which have more advanced features. Download Kaspersky mobile security click here

Eset Mobile Security

best antivirus for android

Protect your Android Tablet or Smartphone from malicious threats. It not free but you can try Eset for 30 day Trial.  Anti theft block your mobile and find your gps location to get back your lost smartphone. Remote Block, Remote Wipe, Block sms, mms from unknown number these are best features. Download click here

Norton Security antivirus

best antivirus for android

Norton Security antivirus protects your Android mobile and tablets from Virus, Malware. It remotely locate your stolen device. Scan apps, Sd cards, Greyware and Web protection also. You can upgrade to pro version which have more advanced features. Download click here

Over all i recommend free best antivirus for android is Avg Antivirus and Best paid antivirus for android is Kaspersky. If i miss any best android antivirus you can comment it below.

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