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On page optimization become very important task after Google animals are alert to control web spam. There are lots of wordpress seo plugins are available which help you to optimize your blog.  Onpage seo is not big deal you can easily do it by make a checklist, you can do manually but these plugins are make easy optimization it detect if you forget anything & save your time. The most famous wordpress seo plugin is SEO Pressor, which is trusted by pro bloggers.  Lets come & discuss how to get SEO Pressor free i am not going to tell you any loophole or nulled way to get this awesome plugin.

SEO Pressor offers many plans, Starter Plan, Pro Plan & Insider Plan which cost $47, 97$ & $497. My recommended plan is Pro Plan its make no sense to pick the insider plan they offer domain SEO checkup which doesn’t worth to pay $400 extra for only domain SEO checkup. SEOPressor V5 is released recently which is best version of SEOPressor ever, which allow to check over optimization, Rich snippets & more advanced features.


Why SEOPressor

SEOPressor analysis content length, keyword density, images, links and it also analysis other seo ranking factors. If you are not an seo expert this plugin have feature over optimization which check everything. The most wanted feature of SEOPressor is RICH SNIPPET, LSI recommendations, social seo and automatic smart linking.

How to get SEOPressor free:-

WordPress plugins market become viral, SEOPressor team make unique plugin loaded with advanced features this is the reason there is no alternative of SEOPressor. SEOPressor is giving quality of features & support from long time which proves SEOPressoris best plugin in wordpress plugins market.

You can Download SEO Pressor free click here, enter your name and Email address (YES, i know question in your mind No Need to Enter Credit Card details to get SEO Pressor free).

Now “Download SEOPressor Trial” once the plugin is downloaded, its time to install it on your blog and activate SEOPressor plugin by enter the details Your Full Name or Activation Email address click on “START MY TRIAL NOW“.

Finally you got SEOPressor for 14 days and to use LSI feature of this plugin you need to register bing search api which enabled LSI feature. Which help you to get related keyword of your blog post. If you face any problem to get SEOPressor free don’t hesitate to talk with us leave comments below.

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