How to fix blue screen death in windows 8

If you face Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death problem.

First, Lets discuss Windows 8 Blue screen of Death?

The Blue Screen of Death in Windows Operating system it is a blue color screen which always displays a error that indicating the mostly system crash. The Blue Screen of Death also know as BSOD is an error which cannot be solved easily and is also known as the Bug Error. In UNIX this type of error is known as Kernel Panic. The nomenclature is after the color of the screen which brings the system to a non recoverable dead end. BSODs are normal in Windows Operating system and in various devices like  ATMs, Online Ticket Booking Machine, Payphone, Advertising Screens and many more.

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The latest version of the error screen continues to be seen in Windows 8, launched in 2012. Instead of displaying detailed technical details about the error, it just displays a quick description “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you.(0 % complete)”, the technical name of the error and a sad emoticon with light color of blue in the background. You just follow the steps to solve the Blue Screen of Death error.

windows 8 blue screen of death

Easy steps to fix Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death

Restart your system normally.

A. Log on the system after normal restart and follow steps below:

1. Restore your system to an earlier point.

To restore Windows 8, start by launching Control Panel. From the Control Panel, scroll down to the Recovery listing and click to select it.

how to restore windows 8

How to restore Windows 8

Goto Control Panel, and scroll down click Recovery. From the Recovery window, choose the Open System Restore option.
It very easy to restore your system to earlier point when your system is working.

2. Go to Device Manager and then try to Up-date device drivers and Reinstall corrupted driver software.

3. Windows 8 update can solve this type of errors so always update your windows 8 and take backup before update.

B: If you can’t log in to the computer even after restart, and facing this error consistently follow the steps :

1. Put Windows 8 DVD into DVD drive and when booting is complete follow the instructions on screen and proceed, click Repair your computer.

How to install windows 8

2. Choose Troubleshoot to produce recovery and repair options.

It is easy to Refresh or Reset Windows 8. When you Refresh your Windows 8 which cannot delete personal documents, folders and files. But when you Reset your Windows 8 pc, It will delete your all personal files, software installed and folders everything will deleted and your fresh windows 8 is ready to use.

Troubleshoot windows 8

3. If you have already backup then you click Advanced Option. When you have backup in hard disk then select System Restore. If you have backup in external devices like Cd, DVD or USB, then you can choose System Image Recovery.

Advanced Option windows 8

4. Their are lot’s of people don’t have backup they can follow the Automatic Repair. It will automatically recognize and resolve problems that are preventing your system from start up properly.

If Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death problem is not solved after follow all steps, then you can install fresh Windows 8 OS. If problem is not resolve you can check your BIOS and hardware are working or not.

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